Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Company Design Part 1

Develop Colour scheme(s)


Design logo(s)

Everything you do must be explained in words through what we have studied.


Sebastian - ZIStore

Cindy - Urban Love

Gabe - MTV swtich one

Felix - Inner City

Nicki - MTV Switch 2

Ziv - Student Council

Janne - Gallo Nero

Ika - Student Council

Adrian - Inner City

Rob - Zistore

Cody - Urban Love

Sakktii - Eco Gen

Barak - MTV Switch

Hong Jin - Gallo Nero

Vincent - Student Council

Thomas - MTV Switch 2

Robbie - Inner City

company six


American candy and charge and clean computers

zip zip out

MTV Switch 2

rebranding the website

awesome, badass, powerful

graphic images to shock and inspire to action

sensibility is fear (apocalyptic)

it's now or never

MTV PIMP MY Environment

Cult feel of belonging, inspiring to action

key words are, destruction, power, exclusive

waste hierarchies are created

Sensibility is one of fear, of destruction

baby images?

slogan, you can save her

companies 6

Inner City

Exclusively for girls aged 12-17
inner-city cool with a focus on uniqueness
New York sensibility black and blue are the dominant colours
snow board and hip hop are also influences

Blake Lively is the model Type

you can't resist